Extended Validation SSL Certificates are premium SSL certificates which will validate both your...

Requirements for getting a Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Extended Validation SSL Certificates are premium SSL certificates which will validate both your domain name as well as business. Hence you will have a

1. Higher Level of Trust Among Your Customers
2. Increase in Shopping Cart / Online Order Conversions
3. Higher Preference in Google Ranking
4. Less Shopping Cart Drop Outs
5. Provides a very level of encryption for your DATA
6. Above all, when visiting your website, the browser address bar will be GREEN, giving a secure visual cue for your customers

Hence apart from normal SSL certificate requirements, you will need to have a genuine, operative, registered company in order to avail EV SSL Certificate. You will also have to sign a EV SSL Request Form and Subscriber Agreement Form.

How to Order Comodo EV SSL Certificate ?

Please visithttp://my.zionhost.net/index.php?rp=/store/ssl-certificates and place the order for Comodo EV SSL Certificate. Complete the payment process. Once you have completed the payment, please make sure that you have the following EV SSL Certificate Requirements are met and complete.

EV SSL Certificate Requirements

Extended Validation SSL Certificate requires the following requirements before it can be issued to any organisation [ For companies in India ]

1. For legal verification the company must be listed in the Gov link :


2. For physical and phone verification the company name, address and phone number must be listed in any one of the following link :

3. Download the following pdf forms, fill it and attach in a ticket in the members area

EV SSL Certificate Request Form and Subscriber Agreement [ Must be signed by authorised persons like CEO, CTO, Director etc ]



[ Choose the number of years you wish to buy the certificate 1 or 2 years ]
1. Number Of Years You Wish to Buy:

[ Make sure that your domain's whois is accurate and Privacy Protect is not enabled ]
2. Domain Name:

[ Choose the control panel you use - Cpanel for Linux and Plesk for Windows ]
3. Webserver Software - Cpanel or Plesk:

[ Official Email Id - Must be an email in your domain name. Preferably admin@ etc]
4. Email ID:

5. Telephone

6. Fax

[ Supply the name of authorised person of the company like CEO, CTO, Director etc. They need to sign Request form and subscriber agreement also ]

7. First Name

8. Last Name

9. Company Name

10. Department [ Like Marketing, Sales Etc ]

11. PO BOX

12. Address 1

13. Address 2

14. Address 3

15. City

16. State

17. Country

18. Pin Code

19. Company Registration Number

Jurisdiction Of Incorporation or Registration of the company

20. City Of Jurisdiction Of Incorporation or Registration

21. State Of Jurisdiction Of Incorporation or Registration

22. Country Of Jurisdiction Of Incorporation or Registration

23. Date Of Incorporation

24. Incorporating or Registering Agency

25. Any Alias Name [ Doing Bussiness As ]

26. Business Category - Private / Government / Business / NGO

EV SSL Certificate comes with highest assurance and trust and hence verification will be done in detail and based on successful verification only certificates will be issued. Hence allow 7-10 days for completion of entire process. Please update all your details in this ticket itself.

Note : SSL Certificates require a dedicated ip which should be purchased seperately. Dedicated IP cost is Rs.1499 per annum

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